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Rishi Kapoor visits Neil Nitin Mukesh's house for Ganpati darshan, meets his daughter Nurvi. See pics

Rishi Kapoor visits Neil Nitin Mukesh’s house for Ganpati darshan, meets his daughter Nurvi. See pics

Rishi Kapoor is back in India and seeing with his friends in Mumbai. The actor, who had been stationed in the united states for over 11 months, visited Neil Nitin Mukesh’s house for the Ganpati darshan.

Neil shared an image of his dad Nitin Mukesh sitting with his daughter Nurvi in his lap and Rishi on the side on Instagram. Welcoming Rishi, he wrote,”Nurvi with her Daadus(grandads). Dearest Chintu uncle visited home now for Ganpati Darshan. We all are just so so pleased to have met him and hugged him tight. #rishikapoor.”

While Nitin is at a green kurta pyjama and the small one is at a printed infant suit, Rishi wore a simple tee shirt and pants for the outing. He’s seen posing with Neil’s full family in the other pics.

A great deal of fans were pleased to see Rishi back in town and wrote congratulatory wishes in their reaction to the post. A fan wrote,”Great to see him… God bless Rishi ji with good health.” Another wrote,”So great to see him back God bless.”

A couple of days ago, singer Asha Bhosle had visited Neil and loved ones for the Ganpati darshan. Asha had sung her favorite song Chanda Mama because of his daughter. Sharing a movie from their get-together, Neil wrote on Instagram,”NURVI wasn’t well had high fever but Tai sang Nurvis favorite song”Chanda mama” (sung originally by her ) This is her love.

Rishi had declared his return to India on Tuesday. After being seen at the Mumbai airport with spouse Neetu Singh, Rishi wrote on Twitter,”BACK HOME!!!!!! Thank you !”

The actor received a warm welcome in his dwelling. Neetu posted a photo of the balloon on Instagram with the caption,”This easy ballon has so much Warmth Love and belonging.”

The Zoya Factor's new promo attributes Virat Kohli's doppelganger, a TikTok celebrity. Watch

The Zoya Factor’s new promo attributes Virat Kohli’s doppelganger, a TikTok celebrity. Watch

The most recent promo for Sonam Kapoor’s The Zoya Factor comes with a doppelganger of cricketer Virat Kohli, can you see the difference? Watch the movie here.In a new promotional video for Sonam Kapoor’s forthcoming film The Zoya Factor, the Indian cricket team captain is seen praying to God and kissing his lucky charm – the Zoya locket before getting into the crease in a match.

In the movie, we see Virat Kohli’s doppelganger, TikTok celebrity Gaurav Arora, in the dressing room siting and he shakes his thighs in nervousness. The commentators’ voice admits the final batsman was out on duck and next in line is the captain.

Sonam took to Instagram to discuss the movie and wrote,”Ab saare cricketers ke great luck ka hai ek hi raaz – Zoya Solanki! chauhan.”

Directed by Abhishek Sharma, The Zoya Factor is all about the Indians’ trend and love for cricket, superstition and reliance on luck. It’s based on Anuja Chauhan’s 2008 book by the same name.

While Dulquer Salmaan stars reverse Sonam and essays the role of an Indian cricketer, Angad Bedi are also viewed in an significant role in the movie.

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“Everybody thought I should play with Zoya, it’s a fun part. I wanted to do something magical but everyone wanted me to do play. After Khubsoorat, I’m doing a light-hearted movie. Abhishek Sharma (manager ) is an wonderful person. I’ve started shooting Dulquer Salmaan,” Sonam had previously said about the movie.

The big threat to Uganda's president is a 37-year-old pop star

The big threat to Uganda’s president is a 37-year-old pop star

Robert Kyagulanyi, known by the stage name Bobi Wine, has emerged as the biggest threat to President Yoweri Museveni as a hugely popular figure among the vast majority of the country’s people. His life was threatened and he has been charged with treason, but a Ugandan pop-star-turned-politician is on a mission to do what nobody else has managed for over 30 years: topple the president.

Robert Kyagulanyi, known by the stage name Bobi Wine, has emerged as the biggest threat to President Yoweri Museveni as a hugely popular figure among the vast majority of the country’s people: the young, a third of whom are jobless or not getting an education. His loose motion of fans from across the political divide is proving to be a conundrum to Museveni, who has had little trouble in the past routing conventional opposition parties.

“We all know that people power is more powerful than the people in power,” Kyagulanyi, 37, said in an interview in his house in the capital, Kampala. “We aren’t into this for formality. We’re into this to change our nation.”

He gained prominence as a self-styled”ghetto president” singing about the plight of ordinary people and won a seat in parliament.

Wearing his trademark red beret, Kyagulanyi and his German Shepherd welcome guests into his home, about 15 km (9.3 miles) from central Kampala. Guests such as fellow musicians and lawmakers wait at a tent to meet up with him.

“President Idi Amin declared himself life president, he didn’t perish president,” he said. “Qaddafi was apparently invincible. He didn’t die a president.”

Museveni seized power in 1986, after years of political upheaval such as Amin’s bloody dictatorship, and restored multiparty politics nearly 15 years back. But in recent years, advocacy groups such as Amnesty International say he’s presided over a deterioration in the East African country’s human-rights circumstance. Opposition leader Kizza Besigye has faced repeated arrest and beatings from the authorities from the run-up to elections within the last two decades.

Since Uganda’s 2021 general election approaches, there are indications that Museveni might be planning to intensify a clampdown on his opponents. The government increased its security budget 75% this year to nearly $1 billion, to be spent on training and equipment.

‘Safety for All’

State Minister for Internal Affairs Obiga Mario Kania said it is not a fact that the government aims its opponents.

The authorities have detained Kyagulanyi several times in the last year. He has been charged with treason, following his supporters allegedly threw stones in Museveni’s convoy, inciting violence and disobeying lawful orders. This past year, Kyagulanyi received therapy in the U.S. for injuries he stated were sustained while under arrest.

“President Museveni and his regime do not see their strength in convincing people any more; they see their strength in coercing,” Kyagulanyi said Aug. 13. “Now is a year since the assassination attempt on my life. Since then many individuals have been arrested. Several have been murdered.”

Traditionally an agriculture-dependent nation, Uganda is on the cusp of getting an oil producer from areas owned by firms such as Tullow Oil Plc, Total SA and China’s Cnooc Ltd.. The beginning of output was repeatedly postponed, and a final investment decision that was anticipated in 2018 was postponed over different views on taxation between the government and the firms.

“Uganda’s slow move in the petroleum industry isn’t slow from warning; we should have profited from the oil yesterday,” he said. “The contradictions and scandals emanate from the fact that the country is under the control of a single person. Literally it is not the Ugandans that own Ugandan oil, but Museveni and his cabal.”

Under his rule, Kyagulanyi says that he would ensure government institutions are placed at the forefront of negotiating and managing the petroleum industry, together with other strategic national projects. He also envisages the government providing more support for agriculture.

Any possibility of him winning the next election will probably require stronger policy suggestions, together with possible alliances with other opposition leaders such as Besigye, said Jared Jeffery, an analyst in Paarl, South Africa-based NKC Africa Economics.

“We’ve argued previously that he needs to formalize his People Power movement into a coherent organisation which stands for something more than deposing Mr. Museveni and contains a roadmap to attaining it.”

Even if he succeeds in his quest to oust Museveni, Kyagulanyi could go back to his artistic roots one day.

“Music is my first love and it’ll be the past, but this is a calling which I can not say no to,” he said. “However, it’ll be more than a joy to return and do what I used to love especially at a free Uganda. So as a former head of state, I will return to the point and will fire up the audience.”

Mission Mangal lookalike is a survivor, encourages us to Not give up on Chandrayaan-2

M.O.M. Mission Over Mars review: Mission Mangal lookalike is a survivor, encourages us to Not give up on Chandrayaan-2

M.OM. Mission Over Mars is Alt Balaji’s first sci-fi movie which comes a couple weeks after Akshay Kumar-Vidya Balan’s multi-starrer Mission Mangal. Not keen to step into the unknown territory and conscious of their target market, the manufacturers attempt to keep it even more emotional than scientific, focussing on the private lives of their female characters and the administrative hassles that they confront.

From the first five episodes published online, the household angles keep it interesting enough but it seldom takes us inside the laboratory. With only 1 TV anchor in precisely the exact same sari featuring in the whole set of bulletins, the series falters in places but keeps the viewer engaged with the ideal dose of emotion and drama.

While I’m still confused about the name, the cast does its best to keep the show moving. Mission Over Mars starts with a disappointing moment as ISRO’s namesake ISA fails in its Chandravimaan assignment and the whole blame falls upon the shoulders of Mona Singh. The Same as India remains optimistic about Vikram, the expectation for Mars mission stays alive in the eyes of the four scientists performed with Mona, Sakshi Tanwar, Palomi Ghosh and Nidhi Singh.

Mona shines through as she plays with a hot-headed scientist, forced to work with her ex-husband, a fellow scientist in precisely the identical space centre. Clad in crisp cotton saris, Mona is devoted to her fantasy but forgets to recall her only daughter’s birthday.

Sakshi Tanwar is her opposite — a serene and silent mission coordinator who’s a helicopter mother to her 18-year-old son. A problem solver in the office who makes mission to Mars possible with shoe-string budget, she’s a dominating mother and a control freak in the home. She won’t allow her son to pursue his dream of being a cricketer and needs him to become a scientist also.

Nidhi tries to grow from her Permanent Roommates’ image by playing a God-fearing scientist who prefers to trust her celebrities as opposed to science when it comes to her personal life.

MOM surely raises some eyebrows as the Indian scientists cheer the collapse of China’s Mars Mission since it sets them back in the Mars race. The series also delves into how politics influence science and the scientists. But a sequence showing the finance minister behaving badly with the top scientists of the country makes you wonder if it’s even correct. The way the space vehicle can turn into a PR vehicle for the ruling authorities before elections increases the content.

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An inspiring moment lights up the show as ISA chief, played by Ashish Vidyarthi, distributes images of common people to inspire his team and remind them that it may be the authorities who financing India’s dreams but it’s the individuals who vote them to power. Compare it to Mission Mangal or not, Mission Over Mars manages to live by itself.

M.O.M. Mission Over Mars review: Coming weeks following Akshay Kumar-Vidya Balan’s Mission Mangal, this internet series starring Sakshi Tanwar and Mona Singh is high on emotion and play.

Looking like a rockstar, tearful Jack Ma bids Alibaba farewell

Looking like a rockstar, tearful Jack Ma bids Alibaba farewell

A tearful Jack Ma officially left Alibaba on Tuesday, donning a guitar and a rock star wig with an occasion for thousands of workers of this e-commerce giant that he founded 20 years ago at a tiny shared apartment in Hangzhou city in southern China.

During a four hour party in an 80,000-capacity arena, Alibaba’s billionaire executive chairman delivered on his promise of a year ago to hand over to CEO Daniel Zhang.

Costumed performers, some dance into dubstep songs and dressed in traditional Chinese dress, and singers paid tribute to Ma’s reputation for dressing up and acting at large events, entering into a parade of floats representing Alibaba branches like shopping website Tmall and payment support Ant Financial.

“After tonight I will begin a new life. I do believe the world is great, there are several opportunities, and I like excitement so much, and that’s the reason why I will retire early,” Ma told employees and guests.

Ma was seen at one stage welling up with tears as staff put on skits and sang songs, prompting the subject”Jack Ma has cried” to trend on Chinese social networking platform Weibo.

Toward the conclusion of the ceremony, Ma, co-founder Lucy Peng, and CEO of Alibaba’s technology committee Wang Juan donned rock star-style leather coats and wigs to execute Chinese pop songs. They were united by co-founder Joe Tsai dressed in Marilyn Monroe style white dress and a blond wig.

Zhang, also clad in stone star garb, then delivered a solo, having previously said that Alibaba would keep investing in areas like cloud computing.

The company also said on Tuesday that it had adopted six new core values, one of which was a pledge to”respect the work-life equilibrium decisions of each individual”, marking a step away from Ma’s recent remarks advocating tech firm employees to work nights and weekends, which ignited a nationwide debate.

Ma also told attendees he expected to see Alibaba shoulder more responsibility to enhance society amid the sweeping changes caused by technologies like large data and 5G.

“It isn’t easy to be a powerful company, but it’s more challenging to be a fantastic company,” he said. “A powerful company is dependent on its commercial ability, even though a fantastic company is kind and responsible.”

Jack Ma was seen at one stage welling up with tears as staff put on skits and sang songs, prompting the subject”Jack Ma has cried” to trend on Chinese social networking platform Weibo.