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M.O.M. Mission Over Mars review: Mission Mangal lookalike is a survivor, encourages us to Not give up on Chandrayaan-2

Mission Mangal lookalike is a survivor, encourages us to Not give up on Chandrayaan-2

M.O.M. Mission Over Mars review: Mission Mangal lookalike is a survivor, encourages us to Not give up on Chandrayaan-2

M.OM. Mission Over Mars is Alt Balaji’s first sci-fi movie which comes a couple weeks after Akshay Kumar-Vidya Balan’s multi-starrer Mission Mangal. Not keen to step into the unknown territory and conscious of their target market, the manufacturers attempt to keep it even more emotional than scientific, focussing on the private lives of their female characters and the administrative hassles that they confront.

From the first five episodes published online, the household angles keep it interesting enough but it seldom takes us inside the laboratory. With only 1 TV anchor in precisely the exact same sari featuring in the whole set of bulletins, the series falters in places but keeps the viewer engaged with the ideal dose of emotion and drama.

While I’m still confused about the name, the cast does its best to keep the show moving. Mission Over Mars starts with a disappointing moment as ISRO’s namesake ISA fails in its Chandravimaan assignment and the whole blame falls upon the shoulders of Mona Singh. The Same as India remains optimistic about Vikram, the expectation for Mars mission stays alive in the eyes of the four scientists performed with Mona, Sakshi Tanwar, Palomi Ghosh and Nidhi Singh.

Mona shines through as she plays with a hot-headed scientist, forced to work with her ex-husband, a fellow scientist in precisely the identical space centre. Clad in crisp cotton saris, Mona is devoted to her fantasy but forgets to recall her only daughter’s birthday.

Sakshi Tanwar is her opposite — a serene and silent mission coordinator who’s a helicopter mother to her 18-year-old son. A problem solver in the office who makes mission to Mars possible with shoe-string budget, she’s a dominating mother and a control freak in the home. She won’t allow her son to pursue his dream of being a cricketer and needs him to become a scientist also.

Nidhi tries to grow from her Permanent Roommates’ image by playing a God-fearing scientist who prefers to trust her celebrities as opposed to science when it comes to her personal life.

MOM surely raises some eyebrows as the Indian scientists cheer the collapse of China’s Mars Mission since it sets them back in the Mars race. The series also delves into how politics influence science and the scientists. But a sequence showing the finance minister behaving badly with the top scientists of the country makes you wonder if it’s even correct. The way the space vehicle can turn into a PR vehicle for the ruling authorities before elections increases the content.

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An inspiring moment lights up the show as ISA chief, played by Ashish Vidyarthi, distributes images of common people to inspire his team and remind them that it may be the authorities who financing India’s dreams but it’s the individuals who vote them to power. Compare it to Mission Mangal or not, Mission Over Mars manages to live by itself.

M.O.M. Mission Over Mars review: Coming weeks following Akshay Kumar-Vidya Balan’s Mission Mangal, this internet series starring Sakshi Tanwar and Mona Singh is high on emotion and play.